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The fast moving economy, the traditional administrative structure or even the frenetic traffic might be a challenge for your business?
At Le Remplaçant, we provide you a smart and devoted courier service to support you on your daily responsibilities and workload.
Our young and dynamic team is at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to prevent or overcome any unexpected situations or demands at the lowest cost.
With adjusted packages for Business, Privates, Freelance or Expatriates, Le Remplaçant provides you a wide range of tailor made services to save time and money.
Mindful of your corporate image and reputation, Le Remplaçant has chosen Respect, Punctuality and Loyalty as core values. .

Le Remplaçant, your personalized solutions at the best price.

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O U R     C O M M I T M E N T S

Le Remplaçant, a socially responsible business, has made the Sustainable Development and the Social Responsibility a strategic objective by placing Conservation of the Environment and Human Capital at the heart of its concerns.

Our Environmental Engagement
- Regular maintenance of the vehicle fleet in order to reduce our environmental footprint.
- Rethinking of the vehicle fleet position to optimize the missions’ environmental impacts.
- Digitalization of processes and tools in order to minimized the use of papers and printed documents.

Our Social Engagement
Le Remplaçant is also committed with local civil actors within civic actions by working on improving the wellbeing of the civil community.
- Contribution to social and charitable actions, especially on the Education field.
- Help of charitable organizations in the delivery of goods such as foods, medicines, clothes or books...

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Adress: 56, Rue Farhat Hachad,
3ème étage, 20130 Casablanca

Hotline: +212 (0) 6 32 39 39 39

Email: info@le-remplacant.com

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